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Monday, July 11, 2016

Understanding Gutta Percha: The Dental Wonder-Substance for Root Canal

If you have a major dental procedure done today, then you might run across the term gutta percha. You may wonder just what it is and why it's used. It's a simple material and there are simple reasons. Gutta percha is a material used to seal root canals after the dentist has cleaned the decay from the root of the tooth. Ensuring the integrity of the newly clean tooth is critical, so dentists make sure they use only the best, most effective sealant to keep patients safe.

Gutta percha is produced by a tree with the same name. It's a sappy, latex-like substance that can be extracted naturally. Because of its natural properties, it acts as a strong sealant for teeth, and it comes without the sometimes dangerous side effects of man-made dental products.

Many dentists choose gutta percha when performing a root canal because it is a thermoplastic. This quality speaks to its ability to handle heat. It's a plastic that can be shaped and molded to the needs of the patient, making it a good choice for those dentists working with clients that have particularized needs. Especially important is the fact that gutta percha can act quickly. Because of its natural properties, it sets in place and begins sealing the tooth right away. Many dentists like this because they do not want a newly fashioned tooth to suffer exposure to germs and other dangers. The quicker a dentist can seal the tooth, the more effective the procedure will be. Gutta percha has proven itself to be a valuable ally in this fight.

When dentists are done applying the gutta percha, they still use a traditional filling to ensure that the tooth is protected from bacteria that might invade the newly removed root system. Gutta percha simply acts as the bottom layer, adding an additional zone of protection. This is why so many dentists have chosen to make it a part of their process.




Composition and Mechanical Properties of Gutta-Percha Endodontic Points 

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