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Friday, July 8, 2016

Tips on Caring of Your Temporary Crowns and Bridges to Avoid Damage

Going for a temporary crown is usually preferred by dentists as a form of preparing the tooth until a permanent crown is ready. Usually the nerve inside is alive and can be too sensitive, so these can help keep it protected. Oftentimes, they will be a "test" to help temporarily see what kind of form and function it needs. This can then allow for the dentists to create a properly designed permanent crown. This wait usually just takes a day but may extend to several more days depending on the kind of crown that is being made.

You don’t have to worry too much if your dentist says you need a temporary crown as it is essential a simple procedure. There are no specific measures where a temporary crown is required, except for when the dentist needs to cover or protect the tooth.

There are four types of crowns: ceramic, stainless steel, porcelain, and resin. Some decide to go from permanent to temporary, and it is honestly easier for some people. To switch, the existing crown will be cut off. The dentist will drill and cut in the crown slowly up until they see a cement layer under the crown. Cleaning up the cement later, they will create the impression of a new crown.

Maintaining your temporary crown is about being careful with what you eat. Make sure to brush your teeth after every meal, but do not brush too hard. One of the things you should not do is eat attempt to eat types of foods that would require biting hard or lots excessive amounts of chewing to avoid breakage.

If you are using crowns and bridges as missing teeth replacement, the key is to simply be wise with you eat daily and to avoid eating foods that can cause discoloration as well. Ask your dentist for any advice on caring for your specific temporary crowns as well as some diet tips to help minimize the possibility of damaging them.



Temporary Crown Fell Off

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