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Monday, June 13, 2016

Do You Have Bad Breath? It Might Be the Right Time for a Root Canal

Bad breath or halitosis can be a cause of embarrassment. For those who face people on a daily basis, this can be very problematic. A person can lose a certain amount of self-confidence when they face the world with bad breath. That’s not even the worst of it however. In addition to being an embarrassment, having consistently bad breath In spite of daily brushing is most often a symptom of a host of much more serious problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Other possible causes of bad breath include poor oral hygiene habits, diets, foods, and even some medications. By visiting a trusted dentist, one can determine what's causing their bad breath and seek out the best course of action for treatment.

How Tooth Decay Causes Bad Breath

It may sound like an oversimplification but it’s true that tooth decay and other gum diseases can be prevented simply by observing good oral hygiene habits. Tooth decay is the result of bacteria that destroys tooth enamel. When a person does not properly clean his teeth and tongue, it causes buildup of food residue and particles, providing the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The bacteria Streptococcus mutans produces acid as it digests sugars from these food residues, which then attack and break down the dental enamel. Decaying tooth enamel results in bad breath.

Addressing Tooth Decay with a Root Canal

Tooth decay, in its early stages, can be treated with a fluoride product to stop further damage to the enamel. This treatment alone however cannot reverse tooth decay. For severe tooth decay, the dentist might suggest a root canal procedure to remove the damaged pulp of the tooth and the nerve. This way, the natural tooth won't have to be extracted but only repaired using a filling material.

Typically, the root canal procedure will solve one's bad breath, but in case it doesn't, then it might mean that something else is causing it. A trusted dentist will be able to determine the right treatment to address the problem.


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