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Friday, June 10, 2016

Dental Crowns: Factors Causing Deterioration and Proper Maintenance

Dental crowns generally last for many years, especially with proper care and impeccable dental hygiene. Regardless of the material they are made of - be it porcelain, ceramic, gold, or other metals, or a mixture of various materials - crowns can deteriorate over time due to natural wear and tear. 

Factors Causing Deterioration

Dental crowns are subject to the same conditions that put a person’s natural teeth at risk such as natural wear and tear, accidental trauma, chewing, and biting forces, tooth grinding, and the presence of dental plaque. In cases where a person has a tooth grinding or clenching habit, a hole on the chewing surface of the crown may develop due to contact to the tooth it bites against. When this happens, the crown should be replaced to avoid dental plaque from making its way under and starting a cavity. Similarly, the crown should be replaced with a crown made with different material, like gold, if the opposite tooth becomes worn due to contact with the crown. 

Caring for Dental Crowns

Proper care is necessary for keeping dental crowns intact, as well as keeping the root and surrounding teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Of course the best way to maintain the optimal health of your natural teeth, gums, and dental work is by practicing the proper daily dental hygiene such as brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and flossing. For those with newly fitted crowns and bridges, it's really important to avoid chewing anything hard or sticky enough to do damage to newly fitted dental work. Things like ice, hard or sticky candy, and other hard foods or objects are best to be avoided. Regular visits to the dental office can also help in maintaining the integrity of dental crowns.


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