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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Learn the Dangers of Continuing Your Teeth Whitening Efforts at Home

Having that perfect smile is something that many people desire. Years of poor eating habits and wear and tear can cause the teeth to become discolored. When looking for teeth whitening methods, many people want to know about their overall effectiveness.

Each product has both advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on the procedure being used and what chemicals are included in determining the treatments rate of success. Some whiteners may do better than others, especially those that are done in a dental office as opposed to those done at home.

The Problem with Home Whitening Products

The over-the-counter home based rinses have acids in them. These acids slowly wear away at the tooth’s surface and can cause all sorts of problems, even infections. It is always best to use an in-office bleaching procedure that is done by a dental professional.

Unlike home whitening products, the ones used by your dentist ensure your safety and the integrity of your teeth. These products have also been tested by the American Dental Association.

Ask Your Dentist First

If you are using home based whiteners, it is important to talk to a dentist about your teeth whitening methods. Those who are constantly using these products may unknowingly be causing the thinning of their teeth’s enamel.

For those who are concerned about the ongoing whitening process, it is better to ask a dentist about a maintenance program to keep your teeth a brilliant white than to go it alone. These treatments should only be done on particular occasions only, and not all the time.

The home-based treatments are not all the same. There are some that may be more damaging than others. Your local dentist can advise you on the most beneficial teeth whitening methods for your specific situation and budget.


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